As spectacular to gaze at as it is comfortable to rest on, Muscle is a counterproposal to traditional stiff and motionless street furniture thanks to its dynamic forms and its purified lines. A piece to compliment both contemporary architectural structures or modern landscape designs.

The bench offers the possibility of sitting or lying down in response to the surface’s relief. Like the fibrous structure of a muscle, the cut metal sheets work with compression and tension to maintain the rigidity of the resting platform.

The smooth gun metal gray epoxy finish reflects the light and adds to the sense of lightness.
As the sun passes through the metal bars, the shadows mix with the actual piece adding yet another dimension to this exceptional urban bench.






Design, Alexandre Moronnoz, France

Dimensions : L 400cm  w 78.5cm h 54cm

Weight: 450 kilos

Materials: steel 8mm, primary zinc epoxy powder coating

Price: 15,150€

Lead time: 10-12  weeks

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