Awareness Award winner 2011

During the next decade, the recycling of used materials will continue to play an important role in the development and production of design. Thoughtful designers like  Oskar Vermeylen, Vincent Welleman, Yves Verhaegen & Pim Van Eijck of Belgium are looking at new and innovative ways to create furniture which incorporate sustainable solutions.

PLOF is an eco-friendly and durable way to reuse different types of production waste. Colorful textile leftovers are shredded into smaller pieces and upholstered with see through PE plastic to create furniture benches. The combination of colors and textures is unique to each bench, no two are the same. Like any upholstered piece Plof is padded with several knots topped by shiny white buttons adding comfort and elegance.

This unique bench gives new life to waste textiles and is a creative and colorful addition to your home, indoors or out.



Plof !

Design, Atelier Belge, Belgium

Dimensions : h 50cm w 100cm d 50cm  OTHER SIZES AVAILABLE BY REQUEST

Materials: shredded recycled textile, PE plastic

Colorsmixed and based on available textilesif you are set on a dominant color let us know

Price: 525€

Lead time: 6-8 weeks

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