Armadillo  1/3  h 85cm w57 d 68cm / wrought iron, powder coated  2125€

Lodge, unique piece,  h 98cm w 78cm d 90cm, wrought iron, powder coated 2750€

Dove 2/3  h 68cm w62cm d 63cm,  wrought iron, powder coated  2150€

Bat  1/3 + AP  h70 w 62 d 72cm,  wrought iron powder coated  2500€

Himmel  12/16  h 95cm w 65cm d 68cm,  wrought iron copper powder coated + stainless 1450€

NEW Moskito  3/3   h 77.5 x w 73 x d 83cm,  Powdered coated wrought iron , with bronze insets on the outside of the frame. this piece is also available in hand brushed stainless with bronze details.   2600€


Gerardo Baltasar Portillo, UK

Unique chairs

Art, sculpture, furniture, all three terms are important in the description of these  chairs, part of a series of unique pieces by Salvadorian artist Gerardo Baltasar Portillo.

The sculptural chairs becomes a part of the environment by allowing the viewer to see through the chair, thus framing a scene in a new way.

A native of San Salvador, Baltasar works in both Europe and the US.

All chairs are suitable indoors or out.


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