A contemporary twist on the Victorian Tete a Tete love seat, the Double View bench easily changes your perspective with a minimal effort. The double backrest pivots around an axis located below the seat and thus two people can sit side by side, or in opposing directions. Choose your position, then change it.

Designer Chloe De La Chaise mixes design and craftsmanship in this wooden bench which is produced to her specifications by a French cabinet maker. The small dimensions (a true 2 person bench) make it the perfect choice for limited spaces.

Chloe's commitment to quality includes a commitment to sustainability. Two of the three wood species used to produce the Double View Bench come from certified forests in France. The certification of forest owners ensures the implementation of sustainable forestry practices. The only non local species, Moabi a naturally oiled African wood, is also from a sustainable forest.

The limited edition of 50 pieces, made in France, is issued with a certificate of authenticity signed by the designer and a certificate of guarantee on its craftsmanship.



Double View bench

Design, Chloe de la Chaise, France

limited edition: 50

Dimensions chair: h 73 x L100 x w 65 cm

Materials: sustainable solid wood, your choice of oak (chene), robina-acia, (robinia), moabi (resembles teak)

Price: 2700€

Lead time: 6-8 weeks

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