So delicate in appearence, the Ferrum (iron) and Aurum (gold) armchairs appear almost as a blur or shadow of a chair. They are made for sitting however and the tightly wound springs of iron will hold you suspended in a motion that feels much like floating. These armchairs inspire a sense of wonder and are impossible to pass without a second or third glance. The temptation to sit is irresistable.  Designer Dejana Kablijo has transformed common iron spring wire into something quite extraordinary.


Fe/Au chairs

Design, Dejana Kabiljo, Austria

Dimensions : 105cm x 80cm x 76cm / seat height 46cm

MaterialsFe /iron spring wire, Au / iron spring wire gold plated

option: pom poms

Price: Fe 6000€ Au by request

Lead time: 6-8 weeks

How to order