Handmade in Spain using recycled sails from around the world, (including your own sails if have them) each chair is unique and carries its own history on the sea. Trimmer is a sustainably designed contemporary chair, perfectly suited indoors or out.

Trimmer is made of a structure of curved iron or stainless steel pipe on which rests the recovered sail cloth. The number three is repeated with emphasis in the design of the chair. Made up of three materials: bended tube, sail and rope. The curvilinear structure touches the ground at three points and has three areas to support the fabric. The cloth remains perfectly adjusted to the structure via the tension on the ropes.

Stylistically the Trimmer chair is inspired by three contemporary icons: the Paulistano chair by Paulo Mendes de Rocha, the BFK chair by the Southern Group and the Three Legged chair by Joaquim Tenreiro.

The design collection by Enrique Kahle will be presented at the Today Museum in Beijing from August 16-31.




Design, Enrique Kahle, Spain

Dimensions chair: 80cm x 92 x 87 weight 7kg 

Materials: recycled sail cloth, rope, lacquered iron or stainless steel frame

Color options: lacquered black, red,  rust or stainless steel

Price: 810€

Lead time: 4-6 weeks

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