Borboleta console

Borboleta console


Katherine Cebulak, Poland

Katherine's Studio, Mudo was established in 2009, and specializes in designing furniture and textiles. The hearth of mudo is Katherine Cebulak - founder, furniture and textile designer and her father Andrew - art historian, carpenter & designer with passion.

"We try our best to avoid blindly following worldwide trends and to create unique and carefully thought out products. For us, design is a way to pass on a piece of ourselves and our sensibilities along with the product. It’s no secret that we’re interested in the modern and the cutting edge, but we also have a soft spot for the traditional."

The woodworking shop is located in Lublin, in Eastern Poland. Collaborations include:  Łódź Design, Gastlten, So Polish, Lona Design, and KND in Toronto, Organisation in Design.


 2011, Must Have Award at the Łódź Design Festival

2012  Poland exhibition at Ventura Lambrate, Milan

2013  in collaboration with and, Borboleta was presented at Design Junction, London