The graceful lines of Bench No. 3 bring to mind a wave cascading over driftwood. The undulating pattern is achieved by accordion folding a sheet of white polypropylene and attaching it to the wood with white lacquered metal bars. As a result the top of the bench is given its shape directly from its support, the wooden branch.

It is just this combination of natural and hi tech materials that make this piece so striking and is a feature of Floris' work.  Each bench is produced by hand in Floris' studio, and is as unique as the branch which serves as the base.   A comfortable bench to sit on the top portion easily supports one's weight. A perfect place to enjoy a view, though perhaps the most striking view is of this unique bench itself.



Bench No3 

Design, Floris Wubben,Netherlands

Dimensions : variable

Materials: wood, metal, polypropylene

Price: by request, each bench is as unique as the branch which forms the base, tell us the size that works best for you

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