The classic curves of the Greek Ionic column take an unexpected twist as a contemporary  bench.  
The curvaceous lines give a sense of movement.  The choice of wood immediately captures our attention while adding both warmth and a sensual texture to the piece. 
The Ionic column silhouette is cut from  from one inch thick Baltic Birch plywood 18 times using computer controlled saws for absolute precision.  Slices of the profile are laminated together to form this light and resilient bench.

Also now available in powder coated steel.

The Ionic bench is made to order in the USA




Ionic bench

Laurie Beckerman, USA

Dimensions L 122 cm   h 53 cm  w 46 cm

Materials: Baltic birch wood or powder coated steel

Colors: steel version is available in all RAL colors

Price:  $6,500

Lead time: 8-10 weeks

How to order