Colored suspenders form the seat and back of this exquisitely crafted solid wood chair. A minimalist design with maximum visual impact. The Bretelles (which is Italian for suspenders) are wrapped and layered to provide a light and comfortable seat and back. The angles of the contemporary chair design provide the perfect framework. 

The bespoke wood chair is produced on demand.  Bretelle can be customized with over 164 colors of suspenders to choose from and which can be changed at any time. Designer Luca Martorano teamed up with the well known craftsman Georg Muehlmann to produce the Bretelle chair in Bolzano, Italy





Luca Martorano + Georg Muehlamm

Dimensionsh 82cm w 56cm  d 54cm  seat height 45-47cm

Materials: locally supplied wood protected by transparent oil : beech, oak, walnut or apple,  suspenders

Colors: 164 suspender colors

Price:  829€

Lead time: 6-8 weeks

How to order