Street Art and Design 2

Second in a series of three exhibitions featuring Outdoorz Gallery designers and Street artists from Galerie 42b this latest expo features Floris Wubben's Bench No 3 and street artists including Gwenaelle Hugot, Celine Jegou, Nebay and Noe Two. The patchwork rhinoceros by Celine Jegou strikes just the right note when mixed with the bench.  Also featuring Pressed Project vases by Floris.  If you can't make it to the expo, visit Floris's design at the MAD Museum in New York or here at Outdoorz.

April 7 - May 5  29 ave. du Port au Fouarre, St Maure des Fosses

Street Art and Design

Punti bench by Outdoorz Gallery designer Neil Nenner takes to the "street" this month in an exhibition featuring street artists Hopare, Meushay, Sack and Richard Trian at Galerie 42b.  The first of 3 upcoming expositions at the gallery specializing in emerging and established street artists in France.  Music by Groov'shakra, an event not to be missed !  March 3-28  Galerie 42b, 29 Avenue du Fouarre, St Maure des Fosses.

BMW Museum, Munich

The contemporary BMW Museum, by the Viennese architect professor Karl Schwanzer is designed to be experienced with all five senses.  The museum features BMW's technical and design development throughout the company's history. It contains engines and turbines, aircraft, motorcycles, and vehicles in a plethora of possible variations. In addition to actual models there are futuristic-looking, even conceptual studies from the past 20 years.

The current exhibition explores the use of  the newest, lightest weight materials and features C Bench by Peter Donders as an example of innovative use of carbon fiber. For more info visit

Trend Setters

Parisian style agency Nelly Rodi with Vincent Gregoire is presenting "Elsewhere" at this season's Maison & Objet.  As always the selection is exceptional and the presentation more so.  Featuring Batoidea from Outdoorz Gallery designer Peter Donders, if you can't make it to Maison & Objet Paris see the fantastic Batoidea here.

Enough Violence, Artists speak out

Featuring work by 14 contemporary artists from around the world, ENOUGH Violence investigates the impact violence has on our lives and the role the arts can play in restoring peace and security.  Participating Outdoorz Gallery designer Boris Bally's work 'Brave 4 Breastplate' uses gun triggers, gun bolts, gun barrels and steel brass shells mounted on a stainless steel cord.  All materials have been reclaimed from the Pittsburg gun buy back program. The urban necklace is intended to protect the wearer from gun violence.  Sponsored by the Pittsburgh foundation,  Sept 27, 2013- March 22, 2014

Pop on...


Its been a great time but its coming to an end. For those of you who haven't yet come by, COME NOW ! 34 Quai d'Austerlitz, Paris 75013. For those of you who have dropped in, thank you for your enthusiasm. Our designers are encouraged by your positive response.  Its been wonderful meeting you all, till next time...