Urban furniture that actually cleans the air, by Alexandre Moronnoz

These new outdoor seating designs from Alexandre Moronnoz  take the concept of 'green' furniture a step further. Entitled CCC (for Champignon Carbone Capture) they are series of urban seating/sculptures made from TX Active cement.  TX active has a photocatalyzer that speeds up the natural oxidation process of pollutants in the presence of natural or artificial light, making it more environmentally-friendly by transforming them into less harmful compounds such as water, nitrates, or carbon dioxide.

Alexandre's freeform design is inspired by nature and may be interpreted as a large stone, tree trunk or log for sitting, refecting or simply breathing the fresh air.

Alexandre is also the designer of Muscle ,winner of the Observeur Design 2009 and Interference urban benches.

For more information about CCC please contact info@outdoorzgallery.com