Mondrian Table

Mondrian Table


Patrick Beyaert, Belgium

Graduate of the University for Science and Art, Gent, and the Design Academy in Eindhoven, Belgium, Patrick's work reflects his passion for materials.

" If I was a craftsman, my material would be sheet metal.  If I was an industrialist, I would engineer a double decker airplane.  If I could design anything, it would be a time machine."

Professional experience

Metal processor Belgomet, selection rounds Design Academy

Product designer Ito, Milan, 2006

Product designer Studio Arne Quinze 2008-2011

Research start-up design studio 2011-2012

Independent design studio 2012-present


Now! le Off, Paris 2014

Salone Internazionale del mobile, Milan 2013

Brussels Design September, 2012

Meet My Project, Paris 2011