The design of the “Interlaced Side Table and Stool” is influenced by the beauty of failure of a complex television technique. “Interlaced video“ is a technology developed in the late 1920´s to reduce the flicker of analog television by doubling the frame rate without consuming extra bandwidth. Because each frame is composed of two fields that are captured at different moments in time, motion artefacts known as “interlacing effects” or “combing” will be displayed if the recorded object is moving fast enough so that each field captures the object in a different position.

The limited series Interlaced captures this sense of blurred motion by rebuilding it with more than 3000 tiny wooden blocks. Each piece is painstakingly assembled by hand. The result of this hand work assures that each table (or stool) is unique. Available in oak for interior, teak for exterior.  Photo©Georg Molterer



Interlaced side table + stool

Design, Philipp Aduatz, Austria

Limited edition / table: 4 + 2 artists proofs  / stool: 4 + 2 artists proofs

Dimensions  side table: h 46cm x w 61cm x d 61cm,
stool: h 46cm x w 40cm x d 30cm

Materials: oak or teak, steel

Price: by request

Lead time: 8-10  weeks

How to order