The concept of the Canvas Tables by Austrian Designer Philipp Aduatz is to combine experimental furniture with a traditional oil painting technique. The idea is to use the top surface of a unique table as a canvas for artwork.
The shape of the tables is produced by moulding resin on a plate and the outline of the tables is formed depending on the viscosity of the resin.  The tables are painted with oil-based paint, the inspiration for the paintings is the soft fading of a gradient. After the paint is dried the surface is coated with a special clear lacquer to protect the oil color and make the table suitable for daily use, (though not recommended for outdoors). The steel legs underneath the table are connected with a fiberglass reinforced resin construction to the plate.



Canvas Tables

Design, Philipp Aduatz, Austria

unique pieces

Dimensions  Large: 90 x 120 x h43 cm  / Medium76 x 90 x h43 cm / Small40cm diameter

Materials: different resins, fiberglass, oil paint, steel, clear coating

Options: each table is a unique piece and may be customized according to your preferences

Prices: Large: 3149€  / Medium: 2449€  /  Small: 1439€

Lead time: 8-10  weeks

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