What really happens in the encounter between craft and design, what fundamental differences in thought, planning and execution characterize the objects produced by the craftsman and the designer ?

These are the questions which inspired Rami Tareef.

"The project came from my faith, as a young designer, that we should preserve traditional crafts by upgrading them through design, placing them in the contemporary context of today's culture."

The stainless steel chair becomes a frame for the three dimensional weaving.  The spaces, or voids, are shapes which add to the visual interest, the whole forms a comfortable and remarkable seating surface.  The sturdy X Chairs is designed for daily use and is perfectly suitable indoors or out.



X chair

Rami Tareef, Israel

limited edition

Dimensions  w 66cm,  d 77cm, h 87cm 

Materials: mirror finish steel frame, polypropylene cord

Price:  price by request

Lead time: 8-10 weeks

How to order