X Chair

X Chair

COD Project

COD Project


Rami Tareef, Israel

A graduate from the industrial design department of Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem, Rami also participated in the D-Vision program for product development and industrial design at the Ketter Group in Israel.

Seeking innovation from traditional crafts, Rami has mastered several, including metal work, leather craft and weaving.  His goal of combining old techniques to modern design is apparent in the success of the COD project and in particular his geometric X Chair.

Crossovers, Budapest Design Week 2013, Hungary 2013
Fresh Paint, Tel Aviv, Israel 2013
IMM COLOGNE 2013, Gaga&Design, Imm Cologne Fair, Geramny 2013
EQUIP’HOTEL PARIS, Equip’Innov 2012, France 2012
SUPER DESIGN GALLERY, Super Brands London, London design week, UK 2012
SOFT COMFORT, by D-vision, Hachava Gallery, Israel 2012
SOFT COMFORT, by D-vision, Salone Satellite, Milan design week, Italy 2012
DESIGN BONANZA, Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem, Ventura Lambrate, Milan design week, Italy 2012
HANGING, 130th anniversary to Zichron Yaakov, Israel 2012
HOMING, Hangar gallery for contemporary design, Israel 2012
FAD - fashion art design, Design Space gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel 2012
CHIC ART FAIR, Paris, France 2011
PLUG IN, design space gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel 2011