For far too long millions of old windows have been forgotten, buried in tips, only 10% being recycled into chip-board. This being the case, Damien and Olivier, thanks to their complementary skills, are proposing a new alternative so that the abandoned windows may be transformed into sophisticated furniture.  Combining craft know-how, design and industry, valorising the material, soliciting local actors, guaranteeing transparency of the production line and offering quality products. The creators are succeeding by transcending the functional to attain elegance : proof is in the body and finish.

Le Tabouret functions as either a stool or small table. The individually cut window frames offer a unique profile as each frame is different. The colors have been faded by time and often the many layers of colors, of the past, are apparent.  Made in France, the frames may come from historic chateaux, country cottages or Paris apartments.  Gathered together with a specially made leather belt the functional Tabouret is a modern design with a built in history.



le Tabouret stool + table

Design, Damien Hamon + Olivier Papet, France

Dimensions : stool w30cm, h 40cm / table: w 60cm h 40cm

Materials: recycled wooden window frames

Colors: varied or white only

Price: stool 290€  / table 490€

Lead time: 4-6 weeks

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