Blue Rope Meltdown

Blue Rope Meltdown


Tom Price, UK

Born in London in 1973, Tom Price continues to live and work in the capital. Drawing on his training in both sculpture and design, his practice regularly delves into the grey areas between the two disciplines.

Much of the work Price produces seeks to explore the untapped potential of familiar materials, encouraging them to behave in unfamiliar ways. This often requires developing machinery and tools that are capable of subverting conventional industrial manufacturing techniques, introducing a dose of entropy into what are typically very controlled processes. Chance is an essential element in this creative process, and one that Price relies on to transcend the limits of imagination.

Since graduating from London’s Royal College of Art, Price has established an international career as an artist and designer with works in major collections and museums worldwide.

Museum Collections
San Francisco MOMA,
Denver Art Museum
The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art  
MKG Hamburg
Amore Pacific Museum of Art in Seoul

Public Commissions
Kimbrose Square Public Art Commission/
Two large sculptural works to be installed in Kimbrose Square, Gloucester (UK); September 2010
Torquay Public Art Commission/
Sculpture to be installed in a grotto at the foot of the Royal Terrace Gardens, Torquay (UK); July 2010
Metropolitan Works, London
Decorative design, laser – cut into aluminium panels cladding entire ground floor of new building; Sept 2008

2004 Boss Design Mentoring Award
2004 Peter Walker Award for Innovation 2005 Finalist: BIDA
2005 Finalist Design & Decoration